Word, water and committees

Observing the Committee on Race and Gender Justice on zoom.
General Assembly 225, June 23, 2022

Can a committee meeting be a tangible experience of God’s grace in action? Ask a Presbyterian and we might roll our eyes a bit. Committee work is grinding, awkward, and often full of hoops. It can seem very void of God’s Spirit. However, Presbyterians keep using the model of committees to engage the work of… Continue reading Word, water and committees

Word, water and sermons

Pastors love to think that the sermons we spend countless hours on have the ability to move mountains. It’s a secret desire of every pastor, no matter the denomination, to be heard and followed. All three of the top Myer’s Briggs personality types for pastors are extroverted. A common challenge for pastors is the need… Continue reading Word, water and sermons

Word, water and Spectacle

Easter Morning the cross at Marysville Memorial Presbyterian Church is draped with new life!

On Easter morning Christians stand up together and declare the one truth that binds us together in faith “He is Risen!” This a grand story, filled with drama and completely post-worthy, by today’s social media standards. One of the more dramatic readings of the resurrection is in Matthew 28. To read the account in Matthew… Continue reading Word, water and Spectacle

Word, water and Love

Every so often I find myself reflecting on the following question “Am I as literal as Jesus in love and mercy, or do I rationalize it away and compartmentalize it so it doesn’t apply to situations in my life?” It makes me stop for a moment and think about the way I interpret the call… Continue reading Word, water and Love

Word Water and Mercy

Mark 10:46-52
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

“Son of David! Have Mercy on Me!” You hear your voice calling out the words and you can’t quite believe that they come from your mouth, but you are there on the outskirts of the people, unable to see, unable to find room to move in. All you can do is make your voice be… Continue reading Word Water and Mercy

Word water Easter

He is risen indeed! This Easter morning was like no other Easter before. Of course that’s not a surprise to anyone reading this post. The churches were strangely quite today. The usual cry of “He is risen!” didn’t echo through the pews. And yet Easter didn’t go quietly into the night. But what now? Now… Continue reading Word water Easter

Word water and change

I wrote the following blog post last fall. At that point the world was in deep flux because of COVID. Since I wrote this the world has begun to steady. COVID cases are down in my area. It’s still here but some of the anxiety has eased. However the subject of change is as relevant… Continue reading Word water and change

Word, Water and Grace

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 Sunday morning was installation and ordination of deacons and elders for one of my four churches. Part of the service is a thanksgiving prayer for the… Continue reading Word, Water and Grace